Preserving our human resources wisely by
using technology to keep our communities safe.



Cut the #NYPD budget by 27% reduce crime and reinvest in our communities, without jeopardizing public safety. That is building a New York City that works for everyone.


Improve efficiencies in high frequency workflow tasks, deploy needed technology in areas previously impossible, solve complex challenges, and do it all at costs significantly lower than legacy solutions and systems.
We will utilize hardware and software solutions that create an autonomously responding security system.
These solutions enable real-time deterrence to criminal acts, with non-biased autonomous engagement. 
The autonomous devices can identify and respond – autonomously. Just like an officer, but without the high cost and related liabilities. The platform will includes comprehensive messaging, audio options and a host of other features in one simple to install security-in-a-box solution of public spaces.
  • A physical deterrent that is highly visible.
  • Create non-biased, non-discriminatory, fully-recorded interactions that provide accountability and instant access to situations in progress.
  • Provide situational awareness to on-site personnel or first responders in real-time – with no IT involvement.


Information and organization are our greatest tools to ensure the safety of families, friends and neighbors in our communities. With more accurate identification, AND actual communication between agencies, we can protect a lot more… with a lot less.

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